S o c i e t e G e n e r a l e

Moon Landing

B r i e f

Innovations in banking sector are quite rare, especially in Serbia. Societe Generale bank fully upgraded its existing e-banking services, but did a few revolutionary changes along the way.

With the new Societe Generale e-banking platform, customers can get a cash loan without even going into a bank, and video chat with the bankers online, even after working hours.
Huge advantages of this e-banking platform represent a proof that Societe Generale bank is beyond ordinary, even in the region, and that this big innovation deserves a truly innovative launching. We did exactly that.

I d e a

To have something as new as Societe Generale has with the new e-banking platform, equals to a revolution in the banking industry.

We made a reminder of the first Moon landing by using Neil Armstrong’s words and we connected it to the bank. Idea is in the fact that we are preparing the audience for a major breakthrough!
We mixed Ljuba’s vision/experience of the new e-banking platform with a pinch of Popović’s reality, and by showing all the platform’s benefits we still kept the “sitcom” feel.

R e s u l t

Every revolution has to take its course. This one has just started.

And if, somehow, you are not a client of Societe Generale bank, get ready, because soon enough, you will wish to become one.