Wherever you are

B r i e f

The old communication strategy could not serve new business development and changes occurred through the Gazprom Neft acquisition.

How to keep the best of NIS PETROL and, at the same time, give a new “feel”? National brand with largest network of petrol station is always around when and where we need ti. That was our starting point.
The complete new comms. Strategy was written for NIS Petrol brand and confirmed with relevant research.

I d e a

To add some novelty to the traditional national brand, we used internet navigation tools as creative device showing that in the modern times, a nice “domestic” way of communication still matters as much as being everywhere.

A full set of creative and digital executions were prepared for the campaign launch.


Campaign has achieved great results in pre-testing. No wonder, it helped NIS Petrol to build additional market share!