How to sell 500.000 EUR value vehicles with 5.000 EUR investment?

B r i e f

Audi is a status symbol in Serbia. Not only a car.

Helping people to own Audi is like helping them to make a step up in their career and life. Audi is making difference in premium automotive segment with its great limited offers for Audi A3 and Audi Q2.

I d e a

We wanted to increase perception of affordability. So we have created an e-commerce like platform where each car can be looked closely, and each has its own price.

All ready to drive. Visitors have accomplished 95% of their customer journey on site and book their models.

R e s u l t

In two weeks Audi sold planned quantity of vehicles.

The ROI was fantastic since costs were only the platform production and limited digital media buying based on carefully targeted selection.