S o c i e t e G e n e r a l e


Jer kad si u akciji bla bla trte mrte.

B r i e f

In the time of financial crash, people were no more sure about the fairness of banking business.

They wanted true support, not hard selling of risky products. No half information.

I d e a

Bank that could agree with general opinion that treatment of financial services customers was not fair in a way that is straight, without photos that blur customer opinions could be a winner, especially if signs all communication with Trully yours, Societe Generale.

A large scale image campaign was launch to make customers identify themselves with messages such as 0 on the billboard does not mean you pay nothing, beware – small letters hide big numbers, we are not fiction characters so we do not offer ficticiuos terms for loans. Campaign was communicated through variety of channels and multiple touchpoints.

R e s u l t

Societe Generale, the first international bank in Serbia, was recognized as one of the top banks to be considered when buying financial services.

Image attributes such as credible, honest and innovative went very high for our client. We got awarded.