Kreativa New Formula is an element of Alkemy

Spot on! If you want to find an agency that is 100% oriented to growth. Also, if you are interested how will companies grow in the future. After almost 20 years of independent work, Kreativa New Formula is now an element of Alkemy digial enabler, one of the fastest growing digital marketing and innovation companies in Europe.

Our mission is to help clients from different industries in achieving their full growth potential in the transformative times brought by digital technology. We help clients in redefining their strategy, improve and create products and services, finding the most efficient communication mix that fits the new sales channels and new consumer behavior.

Three things about us


Our hybrid nature is a made of balanced combination of creative energy, engeneering and business sense.

Our projects are made for omnichannel world.

There is no line between digital and non digital part of the agency.

We are experienced in working with plethora of industries.


EXCELLENCE – everything we do is with dedication and attention to detail: be it a piece of data or crafting the artwork.

PASSION – we like what we do, we take pride when we help make a difference.

INNOVATION – new formula is part of our name and part of our DNA. So, today we offer services that others do not.

CONCRETENESS – We are oriented to results and performance. For every job we do – there is an internal KPI monitoring plan.


We believe that marketing is science. With everyday increase of big data telling us about real customer behavior, we can can predict quite precisely the next business scenario.

Ideation and creative excellence are at the heart of innovation.

Today, when lots of products are the quality parity – even more so.

That is why we will never give creativity.


Lots of work is in front of you


Services for better future